It’s the Hap, Happiest Season of All… Right?

This time of year brings all sorts of emotions for folks — most warm and fuzzy, but there can also be quite a bit of sadness as well.  I heard a recent radio interview with integrative medicine expert Andrew Weil, MD, that perfectly summed up my own thoughts about depression and how to approach it.

Some highlights:

  • This is a dark, cold time of year — it’s really a more natural time for introspection and “hibernation,” rather than celebration.
  • Sadness is OK… wow!  What a concept!  The idea that all people have to be happy at all times is peculiar to our modern American culture.  And with almost 10% of American adults on a prescription antidepressant, Big Pharma has a big interest in promoting and maintaining that idea.
  • There are many natural ways to support yourself through mild to moderate depression:  
    • fish oil supplements (be sure to get pharmaceutical grade)
    • maintaining adequate vitamin D levels (get a blood test to check your current level)
    • using mind-body techniques such as abdominal breathing, the Sedona Method, or meditation
    • addressing pain through treatments such as Neurostructural Integration Technique
Be gentle with yourself, and take an accepting attitude toward all your emotions.  That’s the first step toward contentment.

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