More News about the Gut’s Role in Autism

Last week, I highlighted new evidence about the link between gluten and the symptoms of autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).  Hot off the presses, we have another study about a gut-autism link.  Researchers at Arizona State University (1) found a significant difference between the normal flora (bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract) of children with autism and non-autistic children.

New Evidence on the Link between Gluten and Autism

Rates of autism have been on the rise in the US over the last few decades.  The exact cause of this is unknown; part of the reason may be due to an increased degree of awareness and diagnosis.  This uncertainty is reflected in a major change to the fifth edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5): the terms autistic disorder,

Ladies, Improve Your Sleep Quality 800% With This Simple Fix

In the dog days of summer, “women of a certain age” probably know well the difficulty of getting a good night’s sleep, especially when dealing with postmenopausal hot flashes.  The benefits of sleep cannot be overstated in terms of our overall health.  Inadequate sleep can lead to diabetes, obesity, elevated blood pressure, and even certain types of cancer.