Exercise = Longer Life

OK, so I know I go on and on about the importance of exercise.  But it’s worth reinforcing, especially since our entire modern American culture is geared toward inactivity:  at work (desk jobs) or leisure (TV, computer, or other “screen” of your choice).

The latest scientific research, from the journal Circulation, found that maintaining physical fitness in mid-life decreased the chances of dying from any cause.  No surprise there — we already know exercise is good for our health.  The difference here is that this is one of the largest studies to date to show that this protective effect of exercise held true regardless of body weight.  That’s right — if you don’t lose weight, or even if you gain weight, exercise still prolongs your life.

Keep in mind that the converse is true:  if you have a normal body weight, but don’t exercise, you lose that protective effect.  So if you’re one of those naturally skinny people, don’t think you’re off the hook.

Just remember that we are biological creatures, and our bodies are designed to move!  Once again, we have evidence that movement is life, and stasis is death.

Want to live longer? Focus on fitness, not fat; Even thin people need to work out to stay healthy

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