Exercise = Longer Life

OK, so I know I go on and on about the importance of exercise.  But it’s worth reinforcing, especially since our entire modern American culture is geared toward inactivity:  at work (desk jobs) or leisure (TV, computer, or other “screen” of your choice).

The latest scientific research, from the journal Circulation,

More Reasons to Exercise

I’ve often mentioned that exercise is my favorite supplement, since it has so many health benefits.  One of the most obvious benefits of exercise is weight loss, since we burn calories with exercise.  In the balance between reducing food intake and increasing exercise for weight loss, watching food portions generally gives more bang for the buck.

Too Much of a Good Thing

You’ve probably heard a lot (either from me or other sources) about the benefits of vitamin D:  decreased heart disease risk, better blood sugar control, decreased risk of autoimmune disease, less chronic pain and depression…. just for starters.

However, anything can have its downside, and researchers at the American Heart Association found that excess vitamin D levels can lead to greater risk of an abnormal heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation.