Are You Tired of Feeling Tired?

Fatigue is one of the most
common complaints that brings folks into the doctor’s office.  When we don’t have the energy to do what we
want to do in life, it can be frustrating and depressing.  How do we get that vivacious feeling back
First of all, go easy on the
coffee.  Drinking lots of caffeinated beverages
often backfires, because it becomes less effective over time.  Also, it can disrupt your sleep patterns,
just leading back to more tiredness. 
Natural “magic bullets” are
often ineffective:  whether it’s 5-Hour
Energy, acai berry, or whatever the newest product is this week, these promises
are much more about marketing than science. 
Any temporary boost they provide is likely due to placebo effect.
Focus on the basics of
lifestyle first:  get some form of
exercise, even if you don’t feel like it. 
Over time, this will improve your energy level.  Stick to whole, natural, nutrient-rich
foods.  Junk foods that are high in sugar
and added fats sabotage your vitality.
One of the principles of
naturopathic medicine is to find and treat the cause, not the symptom.  Fatigue can be due to any number of factors,
and visiting a doctor with a holistic point of view can help provide some
answers.  The most basic (and often
overlooked) cause of fatigue is poor quality sleep.  This in turn may be due to anxiety, sleep
apnea, shift work, or other health issues.
Some lab work can determine if
there is a physiological reason for your fatigue.  Problems with the thyroid or adrenal gland
are common.  Anemia affects some folks,
and needs to be addressed beyond just iron supplements – there’s often an
underlying cause that needs to be explored. 
Blood sugar issues may be a culprit as well, whether it’s too low or too
high.  Chronic fatigue syndrome is a
complex disorder that often needs an individualized approach.

All of these issues can be addressed in an
integrative fashion – with cooperation between conventional and natural

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