The Health Secret “They” Don’t Want You to Know

If you are like most Americans, you are not following this critical health practice.  Who is “they”?  In this case, people peddling the latest complicated fad diet.

The secret is not-so-secret:  eat your veggies.  I have written previously that one of the simplest things we can do to improve our health and longevity is to ensure that we’re eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.  

Coffee: Pain Reduction, Weight Loss, and More

For decades, it’s been a given in natural health circles that coffee is a no-no. It’s commonly one of the first things that people are asked to give up when going on a detox program, or any other recommendations for improving their health. Over the past decade or so, though, evidence has been mounting that there are actually many health benefits for that morning cup of joe.

Seeds of Heart Health for the New Year

You’ve probably heard my mantra for a healthy diet (borrowed from author Michael Pollan):  “Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.”  To expand on this, we can look to the Mediterranean diet — that style of eating that is based on whole grains, vegetables, nuts, legumes (beans), and smaller amounts of animal-based protein.

Are “Superfoods” Really that Super?

You’ve probably heard of phytonutrients, those beneficial compounds in plant-based foods that help protect us against chronic diseases.  In particular, some foods, such as broccoli and blueberries, are so packed with these phytonutrients (such as polyphenols) that they’ve been dubbed “superfoods.”

New research out of Kingston University in London has challenged this notion,