Is It Time to Eat? A Surprisingly Important Question

‘Tis the season for making New Year’s resolutions.  Perhaps your resolutions include healthier eating and losing weight.  There is certainly plenty of info in my past articles on how to construct a healthy diet that will help you live longer and prevent chronic diseases. One element that may have been overlooked in all the scrutiny over what to eat is when to eat.

Coffee: Pain Reduction, Weight Loss, and More

For decades, it’s been a given in natural health circles that coffee is a no-no. It’s commonly one of the first things that people are asked to give up when going on a detox program, or any other recommendations for improving their health. Over the past decade or so, though, evidence has been mounting that there are actually many health benefits for that morning cup of joe.

Chocolate: Health Food or Not?

At this time of year, perhaps you’ve finished off your Valentine’s Day chocolate, only to be looking forward to some chocolate in your Easter basket soon.  Americans definitely need to cut down on sweets:  The high sugar and saturated fat content in most milk chocolate can be a contributor to obesity and metabolic syndrome (a combination of insulin resistance,