More Good News for Coffee

By now, you’ve probably heard that coffee is not the no-no that natural health experts used to think it was.  True, if you drink a lot of it, it can have negative effects such as disrupting sleep, increasing anxiety, and over the long term, exhausting your adrenal reserves.  In fact, you may recall that researchers have even found the cut-off for how much is too much:  more than four cups (32 fluid ounces) per day increases the risk of death.

Coffee: Superfood or Death Sentence?

Earlier this year, I outlined some of the amazing health benefits associated with regular coffee consumption.  These include a decrease risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and endometrial cancer; pain reduction as among its benefits too.

Now, new research from the Mayo Clinic (1) makes us pause and reflect on how much is too much of a good thing.

Coffee: Pain Reduction, Weight Loss, and More

For decades, it’s been a given in natural health circles that coffee is a no-no. It’s commonly one of the first things that people are asked to give up when going on a detox program, or any other recommendations for improving their health. Over the past decade or so, though, evidence has been mounting that there are actually many health benefits for that morning cup of joe.