Should You Be Frightened of Fructose?

For years, we’ve been told that the secret to weight management (and, therefore, prevention of chronic degenerative diseases) is simply to eat less and exercise more.  In fact, that may be the extent of your medical doctor’s knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle.  More and more evidence has been accumulating that shows that we are not just machines with a “calories in –

Good Nutrition Made Even Easier

If there’s one thing that’s consistent in the field of nutrition, it’s that information is always changing.  With the barrage of latest headlines about the scientific research on nutrition, how can we cut through the confusion and make healthy choices?  I usually spend a fair amount of time reading Nutrition Facts labels at the grocery store,

To Calcium or Not to Calcium?

Two big studies that came out recently have muddied the waters on the one nutritional supplement that even conventional medicine has rallied behind:  calcium.

We’ve all heard that supplemental calcium is good for the bones, and may even protect against colon cancer in older adults.  Seems like a logical recommendation.  But like hormone replacement therapy,