To Calcium or Not to Calcium?

Two big studies that came out recently have muddied the waters on the one nutritional supplement that even conventional medicine has rallied behind:  calcium.

We’ve all heard that supplemental calcium is good for the bones, and may even protect against colon cancer in older adults.  Seems like a logical recommendation.  But like hormone replacement therapy,

Is Vitamin D Good for the Heart or Not?

Based on much recent research linking low levels of vitamin D to increased risk of heart disease, this is something I measure in all of my older patients.  If low, supplementation is simple, cheap, and can effectively raise those levels back up.  This is especially important at this time of year, since the sun is not strong enough to produce any vitamin D from skin exposure at our latitude.

Top 5 “Myths” in Natural Medicine

As a doctor of naturopathic medicine, I have years of experience and training to respect the vis medicatrix naturae, or healing power of nature.  This is foundational to our approach to health.  I also have a background in science, and know that it is important to examine natural methods of health care to see if they are valid and effective.


It’s that time of year.

Yes, the weather is still blazing summer heat (though we’ve finally been getting a break now and then!), but we hit a transition in the last couple of weeks.  Somewhere in there, we reached the point where it’s still dark outside when my 5:30am alarm goes off.  There’s about a three-month period —