For Clear, Healthy Skin, Take Care of the Gut

Eczema is a troubling skin condition that affects millions of Americans.  The itchy rash of eczema is due to an atopic reaction: an inappropriate inflammatory response by the immune system.  One thing that has long been known to help eczema, especially the type associated with food allergies, is the use of probiotics supplements (those beneficial bacteria).

Are You Missing This Important Supplement for Childhood Behavioral Problems?

Behavioral problems in children often start during the preschool years.  Making sure that kids have a healthy, balanced diet, as well as plenty of physical activity, can make a big difference in kids’ behavior.  One “supplement” that is becoming more overlooked these days is one of the foundations of health in naturopathic medicine: sleep.

Recent research from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City (1) examined almost 9000 preschool aged children,